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Katze's Crib
12 Steps to Nowhere
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2nd-Nov-2009 09:37 pm - Working... working
nano black
This is going better than the last couple of years. I am almost nervous.

Hope everyone who is participating this year is pecking away at their keyboards.

3668 / 50000 words. 7% done!
26th-Oct-2009 12:53 pm - birthday greetings
gold star
Natal Anniversary greetings and felicitations to dmarley and goth_clark.

Hope it's the best one yet and many more returns!
23rd-Oct-2009 12:38 pm - Good News and Bad News
On the Bad News Front:
I am currently languishing in agony and despair. I believe I suffer from either malaria, cholera or perhaps dingue fever, cleverly disguised as a head cold.

Fortunately, I have not exhibited any symptoms of influenza; no excessive body aches, no fever or chest congestion, which makes me extremely happy.

There are several documented cases of the H1N1 virus here in the Berg, and at least three elementary schools have closed their doors due to flu outbreaks.

On the Good News Front:
For those of you privy to the events of three weeks past, I have requested and received a day shift position. If all lights stay green, I will start on Tuesday. I have, for all intents and purposes, worked my final graveyard shift, and will have at least one, and often two co-workers, now that I shall toil as the sun shines.
19th-Oct-2009 08:12 am - Yearly Torture Fest, part 4
world leader
I have updated my information over to the NaNoWriMo site.

For those interested in following, my username is damagecat. To buddy up, my user number is 127251.

I have a basic concept for what I plan to write this year. To save my flist, I will elaborate more in my journal created specifically for this annual project, nanokatze, should anyone want to friend.

miafeliz and debikm, we can also use the write_rsblock for more in-depth discussion.
18th-Oct-2009 06:40 pm(no subject)
lavender orb
Conrah and I visited the theatre this afternoon to see Paranormal Activity.

HonestCollapse )
10th-Oct-2009 09:27 pm - Just in time for Hallowe'en!
smoking skull
Been away for a long time, yeah, I know. I'll save that story for another day.

My bud, David and I visited Eureka Springs today and clomped through all the little shops and stalls, mostly handcrafted jewelry and clothing. Some pretty good art pieces too, but I limited my purchases to some extra cool Celtic knot pendants. Got them on sale, too.

The best part of the afternoon was when I convinced Dave to go graveyard crawling, just as the sun started to set. I know he didn't doubt he had nearly as much fun as I did, but he suffered good naturedly.

So, for now, I will leave you with a little looky-loo at exactly what I found so amazing at the Cemetery!

thumbnails behind cutCollapse )
13th-Aug-2009 08:30 am - Happy Belated Birthday, Becky
First and foremost, belated birthday greetings and felicitations to the lovely and talented lunaris1013, a great friend and humanitarian. Sorry, at my advanced age, memory seems to be the first thing lost.

…now, what was I saying?

Oh, I have to relate an amusing anecdote from last night. I believe I will title it: Just a Picture from Life’s Other Side.

Last night a group of teen-aged girls entered the store, evidently in preparation for a late night swim adventure. All but one of the young ladies apparently knew in advance that a stop at the convenience store would needs happen. The unfortunate lass, taken unaware, entered the store in nothing but a string bikini and a pair of Chuck’s, a lovely shade of fuchsia, I might add. Crossing her arms across her chest, she announced to the store, “Damn, I feel naked!”

A middle-aged Afro-American woman, heavy set and confined to a wheelchair, pulls a face and responds, “You look naked, too!”

One of the other young ladies came to her friend’s defense, “What do you want, for crying out loud? She’s going swimming; everything that needs to be covered is covered!”*

Wheelchair Woman goes ballistic, “Oh, no she didn’t! She did not just sass me!” She immediately starts shuffling her feet and trying to hurry over to where the gaggle of girls were huddled around the soda fountain, “Which one of you sassed me? I’ll kick your tail, right here in this store! My legs might not work but my upper body is STRONG!”*

I must give credit to the girls. They did not taunt or harass the woman, going about their business as if she was not there haranguing them loudly in the middle of a busy store. They made sure to maintain their distance, so she could not reach out and grab one of them, also a smart move on their parts.

Fortunately for all concerned, no fight ensued, despite Wheelchair Woman following the girls outside, still trying to engage them. Luckily they were too quick for her to catch up to them.

*author has taken creative license and altered the language of some direct quotes to spare the tender eyes of her readers.

Another young lady has been pulling a scam over to the convenience store as well. A darling little black kitten, with a white star on her chest has approached three nights in a row. She sits and stares in the glass doors, crying pitifully and staring miserably at me. So, three nights in a row, I pull money from my pocket and buy a can of cat food. Carry it outside. Miss Star darts away from me, as if she thinks I might stomp on her, but goes around to the employee parking area and waits at a safe distance while I open the can and serve.

I always make sure to dispose of the can and pull top lid, so there will be no evidence for my manager to discover. He would not be a happy boss, if he knew I was feeding strays from the store’s larder.

I also try to send the kitten home with every customer who comes inside, hoping to find her a home before she gets hit by a car or eaten by a dog or some other horrible fate, but have had no luck so far.

So, this morning, while my manager was there, mind, one of the cabbies came in to pay for gasoline and says, “That little kitten is out there again. Add a can of cat food to my bill and I’ll feed her.”

I whisper to him, “I’ve already fed her, about an hour ago. She ate an entire can, so I doubt she’s hungry again, this soon.”

He nods and whispers back, “Just don’t let him know,” nodding toward Manager Dan. “He doesn’t like it at all. Got after me yesterday, when he caught me feeding her over on the side of the building where you guys park.”

So, then the day clerk arrives and asks, “Has anyone seen the kitten this morning? I brought her some breakfast, since Dan got mad when I bought cat food off the shelf.”

I guess Miss Star has a pretty cush set up, at our store. I wonder now, if she will start bringing her friends along for free meals.
7th-Aug-2009 06:07 am - Bethday Felicitations
lavender orb
Belated Happy Natal Anniversary to our own [info - personal] bethbethbeth!

Hoping you received countless Snapecentric birthday fics, and wishing you many happy returns.
6th-Aug-2009 08:20 pm - Writer's Block: I May Be Crazy
What does this Rorschach blot look like to you?
an upper thoracic vertebrae, complete with foramina and rib facets!
28th-Jul-2009 08:01 pm - Happy Birthday
mean old bastard
to tingler

wishing you many nutella treats and atlantis vid-a-thons for your special day!
popart illya
Sum up your day in the form of a haiku.
Stressful, chaotic;
Thoughts scattered; confusion reigns;
Boss commands, “Stay late!”


I 'won' the original fiction short story contest hosted by the creepypasta community at DreamWidth.
The prize is six months paid account time. Whoo hoo!


Currently watching an NCIS marathon on USA network. I can see miafeliz and debikm rolling their eyes right now as I say, "I absolutely adore Dr. Donald 'Ducky' Mallard".


Without revealing my source, I have quite recently obtained seasons one and two of The Tudors on DVD, as well as season one of Bloodlines (Blood Lines?). I have yet to dart over to IMDB to read about BL. Eh, I'll watch, simply because it involves vampires.


vickita has regaled me greatly with the recounting of her exploits at WoodyFest(TM), and for those of you who have not peeked behind the cut tags, why not? Go do so, this very minute! You know you want to.
4th-Jul-2009 11:46 am - 4OJ
lavender orb
Happy Independence Day to each and every!

For those of you celebrating, I hope there is no rain in your forecast to douse your fireworks displays.

For those of you working, I feel your pain. I go in at midnight tonight and stay until eight in the morning. Not only does 'the Man' ruin my weekend, but cheats me out of any holiday pay in the bargain.
29th-Jun-2009 11:44 am - The Bullet List... of Death!
For lack of substantial content, I have chosen to provide a Power Point post today (alliteration unintentional).

  • Complete autopsy reports for Michael Jackson could take weeks.

    • Initial reports suggest Jackson died of an overdose of Demerol or other narcotic.
    • Leaked details state Jackson’s body weighed only 112 pounds.
    • Needle marks scarred his body, purportedly from numerous daily narcotic injections.
    • His body was devoid of hair and badly bruised.

  • The Jackson family claims foul play.

    • Jackson family plans to pay for an independent autopsy to support or dispute official findings.
    • Jackson’s personal physician denies prescribing and/or administering narcotics in tablet form or injections.
    • Family is currently working to obtain legal custody of Jackson’s children.

  • True Blood is the best show on television.

    • Three episodes into the second season and I am already positive that a third season is locked and loaded.
    • Eric, played by Alexander Skarsgard is the best onscreen villain since Al Swearengin (my beloved Ian McShane).
    • First show I have ever watched that I do NOT want spoilers for, in fact, I avoid them like the plague, almost to the point of skipping ads and trailers.

  • Many local friends and family gathered at the airport Saturday to bid farewell to loved ones deployed to Iraq.

    • Most soldiers are to be stationed at an internment facility in Baghdad.
    • Tears flowed freely as our bravest and best marched in formation to board the aircraft.
    • Local television news crews covered the event with video footage and interviews from family members.

I guess that’s all I have to say for now. Please return to your regular activities.
26th-Jun-2009 10:20 am - Potential Winner
Hey, gang.

I entered a short story/drabble contest at [info - community]creepypasta and I am currently in the lead in the voting poll.

Here is a link to the voting page. Why not hop on ovah and help a sistah out?

I believe the prize to be a paid account, although, I am not quite sure how long before the subscription expires, but... so what? Am I right?

Thanks for playing, even if you choose not to vote.
25th-Jun-2009 06:29 pm(no subject)
The King (of Pop) is dead.

I would say, 'Long live the King', except I have no idea who will step up to don the crown.

As I ponder this day of mourning for his family and friends, I choose to remember the Michael from my youth rather than recent years, and that makes me sad.
22nd-Jun-2009 10:52 am - Late Thanks
Thanks so much to crystel_dream and digitalwave for the virtual birthday gifts. I am sorry it took me this long to get around to acknowledging them.

So, is Dreamwidth going the way of Insane Journal and Vox, so soon?

I really enjoy some of the communities at DW and use the cross post option for almost every entry I make there. I would like to see more activity there... maybe I am just not looking in the right directions.
12th-Jun-2009 10:34 pm - Rainy Afternoon Hijinx
lavender orb
My place of employ has entered into a business agreement with local theme park Silver Dollar City, commonly referred to as Steal Your Dollar City. As a result we now receive employee discount admission price for the park: Married employees can take their spouse and two children for $10.00 each, children under five automatically receive free admission, and single employees can take one guest and enter the park for $10.00 each.

A friend of mine since elementary school and I decided to take advantage of the reduced admission price, this afternoon. It is about an hour’s drive to Branson, and maybe fifteen minutes outside town, we drove into a storm. Rain, high winds , the whole thing, assaulted us the entire way. We decided to brave the elements and continued, choosing an afternoon at the outlet malls as Plan B, should our theme park excursion not work out.

We arrived, parked and then dashed to the shelter of the tram station, only to be thoroughly soaked during the ride to the admission gates. Surprisingly enough, there were no lines at the ticket booths. I presented my ID and most recent pay stub as proof of employment, only to be told that we qualified for free admission. Yay!

We rushed into the nearest gift shop and David went to the men’s room to dry off, while I stood in line to purchase bright yellow rain slickers bearing the SDC logo front and back. By the time we went back outside, the rain had stopped. We enjoyed an absolutely lovely afternoon, cool and overcast, and no lines at any of the rides or attractions. Even better, none of the water rides were necessary for cooling off measures, so I did not have to endure the American Plunge or the Flooded Mine. Yay again!

Branson is located in the Ozark Mountains, for those not familiar with Missouri geography. I snapped a couple of pictures from the tram station during the heaviest showers, to show how low and ominous looking the clouds were. Even playing with contrast and saturation levels, the images look as if they were shot in black and white mode. They are beneath the cut to save my flist, because that’s how I roll.

Ozark Mountain Rain StormCollapse )
11th-Jun-2009 01:54 pm - Drabble Day
mean old bastard
Hey, gang.

This one is for [info] - communityfiction_drabbles

Prompt: Spirit

Come As You Are
10th-Jun-2009 10:32 pm - Oh, Brother Why Art Thou?
Just in from Big Steve:

Trek Yourself
9th-Jun-2009 04:51 pm - Hey, hey it's Tornado time!
mean old bastard
Severe weather abounds here in the summer ridden Ozarks. I don’t mind storms. Seriously, I don’t have a problem with the weather. What I have a big beef with, is the junior/cub weathergirl who keeps breaking in on programming to give us live updates. She’s absolutely thrilled to be on camera, to the point of being nervous. She keeps mispronouncing county, town and city names, as she points out potential wall winds, funnel clouds and rain tornados.

Our local ‘chief meteorologist’, is due in at the studio at six for the evening news broadcast, so I don’t know if he is out storm chasing or just kickin’ it at home, waiting until time to clock in.

In my opinion, the chief needs to be at the studio, managing his Indians, so they don’t run willy-nilly and annoy the viewing public into paying no attention to serious weather warnings.

That is all.
3rd-Jun-2009 12:24 pm - birthday spammage
lavender orb
Recently, I was unfortunate enough to sit through Inland Empire. Unlike most critics, I found the film confusing and often dull, not to mention the three plus hour run time. I think the ‘grrrrl power’ video that ran during the closing credits clinched it for me.

Despite this minor setback in my David Lynch luv, I am currently viewing a Twin Peaks marathon on the Chiller network.

Through the darkness of future past,
The magician longs to see
Once chants out between two worlds:
Fire, walk with me.

Has television ever hosted a more twisted and oft times frightening series, I wonder?

here there be scary pictureCollapse )

In other news: I have just put on a pot of Starbucks’ Espresso Roast to brew. When it is ready, I will slice the cheesecake the younger wiener kid brought by as a birthday offering. The Groove and I will dine like royalty for our luncheon today, oh, yes we will. Yum!
3rd-Jun-2009 11:16 am - It's Official... I'm Old
I received my AARP membership packet in the mail today, with an introductory offer of a three year membership for only $43.00. :sigh:

I think I'm going to go outside and chase some darned kids offa my lawn, now.
3rd-Jun-2009 10:17 am - Birthday Greetings
lavender orb
Happy day to the person I fight the most with, but who always has my back when it really comes down to a dust up.

[info] - personalschadenfreude have a happy day and may the fun we have carry us through the next week or so.
2nd-Jun-2009 04:52 pm - Can't Touch This
lavender orb
Once more, since this has turned into the 'Day of No Sleep'.

Community: [info] - communitystayintheroom
Prompt: She didn't remember opening the window
Link: Bete Noire
2nd-Jun-2009 11:32 am - Stop! Drabble time!
lavender orb
found a new drabble community, [info] - communityfiction_drabbles and posted my first offering this very morning. This week's prompt is: Drink

29th-May-2009 07:04 pm - Word of the Day
lavender orb
Alright class, just because school is out for the summah, there is absolutely no reason to neglect your education.

Please to use the word of the day in a sentence.

sybarite \SIB-uh-ryt\, noun:
A person devoted to luxury and pleasure.

There will be extra credit points for those choosing to write a complete paragraph, rather than a single sentence.

Spelling and grammar will be included in your grade.
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