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12 Steps to Nowhere

3 June
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No matter how cliche it sounds, I was born in prison. My mother, innocent of course, was wrongly sentenced to one of the few womens' chain gangs still legally operating in the continental forty-eight, so, naturally, I spent most of my abjectly miserable formative years bouncing from foster homes, orphanages and moderate security youth facilities.

My love of great literature [amongst other things] prompted an elderly English teacher to take an interest in my 'higher education'. This kind hearted old guy single handedly lobbied to secure for me a scholarship to a modest university where I earned a B.A. in 16th century Slovakian icons. Unfortunately, we abruptly parted company after his wife's private investigator and divorce lawyer became involved.

It was an amicable split, once the judge granted my request for a restraining order and a legal name change.

Currently I operate an online business, procuring valuable relics and objets d'art for those with the money and desire to possess said objects without pesky concerns for the methods utilized to obtain our mutual goals.

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